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Road Bike Insurance

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The policy provides motorcycle theft and damage coverage.

For the complete policy details and conditions please see the Policy Wording and Product Disclosure Statement & Financial Services Guide PDF.

What is covered

If your motorcycle is stolen or accidentally damaged during the period of insurance, the policy will either:

  • Pay the cost of repairs up to an amount not exceeding the sum insured;
  • Pay the sum insured if your motorcycle is a total loss;
  • Replace your motorcycle including on road costs if similar make and model is available, provided:
    • you are the original owner, from when the motorcycle was new; and
    • your motorcycle is less than 24 months old; and
    • your motorcycle was insured for the purchase price, including attached accessories.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the repair and replacement coverage, the policy also covers:

  • Low Kilometre Discount

    If you ride your bike less than 8000 km a year you will receive a discount.

  • Towing Costs

    If your motorcycle is damaged or recovered after theft, we will pay the reasonable cost of removal to the nearest repairer or place of safety or to another place we have authorised.

  • Repatriation Costs

    If you live over 100kms from the place where we authorise your repairs to be done, we will pay the reasonable cost of the repatriation of your motorcycle to your home, up to an amount of $500.

  • Travelling Expenses

    If your motorcycle cannot be ridden as a result of an incident, we will reimburse you up to $200 for expenses incurred by you to return directly to your home.

  • Emergency Accommodation Costs

    If your motorcycle cannot be ridden home after an incident which caused damage to your motorcycle to the extent that it is not able to be ridden and has to be towed from the scene and you are more that 100 kilometres from your home, we will reimburse the cost of emergency accommodation for you, your spouse, your de facto, or dependant children. The maximum we will pay in respect of this benefit is $200.

  • Nominated Rider

    If you choose this option, your premium may be reduced.

  • Motorcycle Apparel

    We will cover your motorcycle apparel when it is accidentally damaged or stolen as a result of an incident under Section 1 – Theft or Damage to Your Motorcycle.

    We will cover the main rider up to a total amount of $2,000 and pillion rider up to a total amount of $1,000 for any one incident.

  • Replacement Motorcycle

    If you sell or otherwise dispose of your motorcycle, other than when it is a total loss, we will insure your replacement motorcycle under this policy if:

    • you replace it with another similar motorcycle within 14 days; and
    • you give us details of the replacement motorcycle within that time; and
    • we agree to insure it and you pay any extra premium we require.

What is not covered by this policy?

There are certain cases when you will not have cover under your policy, which means we may refuse to pay your claim. Some examples of where we do not provide cover are:

  • When your motorcycle is not registered and is being ridden.
  • In the case of theft, where reasonable steps are not taken to secure your motorcycle.
  • When the rider is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • When your motorcycle is in an unsafe, unroadworthy or illegal condition.
  • When the damage is due to normal wear and tear, rust or corrosion to your motorcycle.
  • When your motorcycle is being used on a race track, speedway track or course, in a rally or event where the road was closed to public traffic, for rider training or rider instruction on a race track, speedway track or course (unless your policy is endorsed for such use) or in preparation for, or in, a race, time trial, hill climb or any other competitive motor sport or contest.
  • Loss or damage to non-standard accessories or modifications not shown in the insurance schedule.

Are there any important policy conditions that I should be aware of?

The policy does not cover:

  • Motorcycles used for business purposes.
  • Unregistered motorcycles whilst being ridden.

How much will my cover cost?

The Total Premium includes amounts payable in respect of premium to the Insurer, compulsory government charges including Stamp Duty, GST and any Fire Service Levy (where applicable), as well as the Administration Fee.

The premium is calculated on the model / type of bike, value of the bike, years of experience riding a motorcycle, frequency of rides, age of rider and the state the rider resides in.

We also offer Pay by the Month for your convenience.

Basis of claims settlement

Once your claim form is received by Echelon Claims Services (Echelon) (our claims handling service), a claim will be entered on our system and an assessment will be arranged within 48 (business) hours. Should an assessment not be required, Echelon will contact you within this 48 (business) hours period, authorising repairs, in accordance with our specific instructions.

Please note that authority must be obtained from Echelon Claims Services before repairs can commence. Echelon Claims Services can be contacted on:


Repair quotations can be obtained from a Repairer of YOUR choice and submitted with your claim for consideration. Echelon reserves the right to independently assess repair quotations before authorisation has been issued.


Where deemed to be at fault or unable to provide details of the negligent party, you may be liable to contribute a Policy excess for each claim submitted (not including report only claims), which will be advised at the time the claim is notified, assessed, or authorisation provided. This excess is to be paid to the Repairer upon completion of repairs.

Should you not sustain any damages, or damages sustained are less than the applicable excess, but be liable for the damages sustained to a Third Party, we will require the Policy excess to be forwarded to our office, at your earliest possible convenience.

What policy excess will be deducted if I make a claim?

There are a variety of excesses – as follows:

  • A $650 basic excess, which is the first amount you have to pay;
  • plus, you may have to pay an:
    • age excess when the rider at the time of the incident is within the age group for the specified excess, but this excess does not apply when the incident is a result of fire, explosion, lightning, flood, theft or where your motorcycle is damaged while parked.
  • plus, you may have to pay an:
    • inexperienced rider excess which applies when the rider at the time of the incident has not held an Australian motorcycle licence for 3 or more years, but this excess does not apply when the incident is a result of fire, explosion, flood, theft or where your motorcycle is damaged while parked.

Your basic excess along with any additional excesses are specified in your certificate of insurance.

How do I arrange cover?

Simply complete an application form online or print one off and forward it to us at the address shown. Application forms are also available from your local motorcycle dealer. No contract is entered into until your payment and application form is received and approved by us.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

We have dedicated staff on hand to answer your questions.

Please call us on 1300 117 131 or by e-mail to and we will be happy to help.